4 Good Reasons To Have Your Own Social Network

Why should you create your own social network if everybody’s already on Facebook?

Better Engagement

Instead of sending your visitors away from your site and on to Facebook, your own social network will keep them on your pages. You’ll be able to engage with them, learn their needs and gather their opinions about your product, service or brand.

Closer Focus

As Facebook users follow more pages and make more friends, their news feeds become more noisy and less relevant. Eventually, they can be overwhelmed with content of marginal interest that blocks out the information they actually want to see. On your niche social network, your visitors will be able to interact with like-minded individuals around one topic that genuinely interests them.

Higher Profits

Mark Zuckerberg is rich enough. He really doesn’t need to collect more cash from your visitors. He doesn’t even know where to put it. You can help him by letting your users pay you. Instead of clicking on Facebook’s ads and making Mark Zuckerberg richer, they can click on your ads, buy your products, share your content and make you richer. Mark will thank you for it.

Secure Privacy

Facebook’s privacy practices are opaque, grim and difficult to manage. Your own social network keeps all your users’ data on your site and under your control. You can set the privacy levels the way you want, giving your members peace of mind.

Can you think of other reasons to create your own social network? Post them in the comment box below.

Brought to you by Merav Knafo
Former CEO of PeepSo.com

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