Enhance Community Outreach with Email Digests

An active community is fun but not everyone wants to regularly log in. Not everyone in a community is vocal, but with gentle reminders, we can keep all our members informed. Let community members know what they missed with email digests.

Are Lurkers Still Part of Your Community?

The short answer is yes. Lurkers are part of your community.

Sometimes we call inactive users lurkers. It’s widely discussed that 90% of people consume rather than create on social media. They don’t necessarily feel compelled to comment or share but that doesn’t mean they aren’t reading.

The truth is that, as community managers, we don’t realize the affect our community has on our own members

So, how do you deal with lurkers? As a community manager, you have two choices: be bitter or realize they are still listening. They log into your community and read, scroll, or like. All of your members matter. With that mindset, your community building efforts will be more successful in the long run.

At the end of the day, 100% of your followers and friends – even the lurkers – are members of your community, even if they’re not converting.

Chris Abraham

Community Management: Hospitality and Outreach

In community management, hospitality and outreach are two sides of the same coin. It’s easy for a community admin to overlook non-participants. We don’t always know right away who they are.

When you community is small, it’s easy to miss a member or two. You may post something and tag them Honestly, that’s annoying. Don’t do it.

Users and Activity: People Take Vacations

“What about Bob?” Well, he’s sailing, of course.

Users take vacations. Users have family emergencies. They lose their phones. Life happens to us all.

It’s awesome you’re working on taking plastic out of the ocean, helping women run for office, or sharing tips on stamp collecting. Your community is important — to you — but not to the same degree for everyone.

Email digests allow you to send brief newsletters to users who haven’t logged in for a while. What’s more, is you do this without bugging active members. This way, everyone can take part in your community – their way.

Email Digests with PeepSo

With the PeepSo Email Digest extension, you have the power to remind users why they joined your community. Bring your users back, engage the active ones, and do great things. Your Community. Your Way.

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