Nonprofits: Manage Volunteers With Your Online Community

Nonprofits need volunteers. How can you manage, train, and equip them? The rush is to always start a Facebook group. However, not everyone is on Facebook or wants to be.

Did you know you can build a community using your own website? Hosting the community on your website allows you to focus your time and energy in on place. Communicate, train, and mentor your volunteers on your own digital space — PeepSo community.

Volunteer Communication

Nonprofits have events. Most nonprofits have some kind of services to the community. Nonprofits also have outreach and fundraising events. Events require a lot of coordination. That coordination can be done on your website.

Your online community can be used to communicate with your volunteers. This establishes one place for instructions, sign ups, and communication of last-minute details. Share social posts and graphics that volunteers can share with their friends.

Training Opportunities

All volunteers need to be onboarded and trained. Offer blog posts about your organization that are just for volunteers. Post about your expectations, branding standards, and how you prefer people communicate.

Post videos, share documents, and form groups. Creating groups unites your volunteer community while allowing them to be close. This is especially important for larger or distributed nonprofits.

Once you’ve laid down a good onboarding experience for your nonprofit digital volunteer, they will need a scope of work. What is it that you want them to actually do or build? Or does the volunteer need to write that scope, too?


Mentoring Volunteers

All nonprofits have opportunities to mentor their volunteers for leadership. This is how the organization avoids burnout. Mentoring and training go hand-in-hand. However, training is not a substitute for mentoring.

Senior and seasoned volunteers choose those they mentor. This can be those who show leadership qualities. Mentors work with them, one-on-one, directly. This pairing can be done in your online community. No one has to join a Facebook group, remember another login, and miss notifications.

If you’re going to encourage them, you also need to enable them. You need to tell everyone else… something that just says, ‘I’m official.’

Jason Tucker

Effectively Manage Your Volunteers

It’s your community, your way with PeepSo. You have all the tools you need to engage, train, and manage your nonprofit volunteers. Create your community your way. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start today.

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