Online Community: Nurture Your Podcast Audience

Podcasts need audiences. How do you nurture your podcast audience online? They’re about community. As Jason Tucker of once mentioned to me, podcasting is intimate. People listen in their cars, while they are showering, and even mowing the lawn, he reminded me. So, what better next step than to build an online community around it?

Audience Community Building

If you are starting a podcast to scratch an itch, that’s great. Some people start podcasts to bring awareness to a topic (like Terrible, Thanks For Asking) while others are having fun (like James Bonding). Either way, every podcast needs listeners.

“In my experience, podcasters who achieve huge success view themselves as community builders above all else.”

Jeremy Enns

Build It And They Will Come

Building a podcast is no easy feat. You can either start a podcast for a defined audience or start a podcast and let the audience find you. Continuous, regular publishing of podcasts is essential to maintaining an audience. Growing an audience takes more.

Like most good things in life, podcast growth is dependent upon referrals. Who is talking about your podcast to their neighbor, coworker, or doctor? How many times have you taken a friend’s recommendation? Word of mouth is the best referral source — especially from an engaged and loyal audience.

“More than paid marketing, cross-promotion, guest appearances, and press mentions combined, the longest-lasting growth comes from listeners recommending your show to their friends.”

Amanda McLoughlin

Interact With Your Guests

Unless your podcast is live with a chatroom, it’s tricky to interact with your guests during the show. This is one of the reasons why many podcasts host live recording events. Quite a few of the comedy podcasts do this. I enjoyed listening to the “I Love Green Guide Letters” podcasts a few years ago. It was a good background for my (then hour) commute. Their live events are in video format and are quite fun to watch.

Like most good things in life, podcast growth is dependent upon referrals. Who is talking about your podcast to their neighbor, coworker, or doctor? and on. How will you keep track?

Why interact? It’s about loyalty. Content creators, of any type, who disregard their audiences loose audiences. The best place to interact with your loyal followers is, of course, in your online community. You can easily host a community on your own website. Keep your fans on your site, listening to the shows, and supporting one another.

“Building a community around your podcast content is one of the best ways to cut through the noise and grow a loyal listener base.”

Baird Hall

Start Nurturing Your Audience Today

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