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Hosting your online church community on Facebook may be tempting, but privacy is a consideration in the church life. Learn how to use your WordPress website instead.

Why does a church need an online community?

Oh brother. As a former pastor’s wife, I’ve been asked this question quite a lot. You’d be surprised to see how many churches don’t have websites. Yes. Your church should own your online community just like it should own your website.

Just because Facebook is the biggest platform, doesn’t mean it is the best. The average church size is about 250 people. You don’t need to rent the stadium to have a Bible study so why do you need Facebook to have an online community?

Why does privacy matter to a church community?

Church is a public gathering of many people who share faith. Some congregants value privacy over others. They may not want their social accounts showing on a Google search, for example.

With PeepSo’s groups, your church can create Bible study groups, support groups, staff groups, and more right on your website! Your church members can freely chat among themselves as if they were in the privacy of church.

But nobody wants a new account.

It’s true that your church members may have issue with creating a new login for your online community. People are hesitant to join new communities. But hey, it’s their church too and that’s already something.

Another set of login information is not necessary either. We have good news. PeepSo is completely integrated with the TwistPress Social Login. New users can register onto your church website and login using their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. All you need to do is get TPSL. Easy peasy.

How about I get you a 50% discount on the TPSL plugin or the TwistPress All Access Bundle? Just use the promo code: Bridget on checkout. The promo code expires within a week of publishing this post, so don’t wait.

Church Community Is Important

Your church community is important. With a PeepSo community, you can elevate your church’s website. Create your community your way. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t download it today.

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