PeepSo – We’re doing it RIGHT!

With ten years of experience running a software project with what I consider the best team on the planet, we started PeepSo with one goal in mind: to do it right.

That means:

No Cutting Corners

We took no short cuts. We hired the best WordPress developers on the planet and paid them what they asked. We invested in automation, making PeepSo pixel-perfect. It took us sixteen months to pull it off, but the effort shows. You’ll see it in the quality and feel it in the satisfaction.

Clean Code

Kludgy, messy code is a nightmare to maintain. We wanted code that is well-written, scalable, and stable. We got it.


At JomSocial we implemented a fully automated testing system. With hundreds of tests running with a click of a button, it provided us more stability than ever before. We did the same with PeepSo. We already have 400 test cases to ensure no bugs slip out before we release a new version.

Manageable Parts

The core of PeepSo is a small plugin which makes it easy to manage and maintain. Each of the additional plugins is small too. We’ve managed to ensure that PeepSo doesn’t turn into bloatware that’s hard to debug and difficult to maintain.

Experience Matters!

I might be new to WordPress but none of us is new to developing software like this. We’ve been there, done that, coded the t-shirts and drank all the coffee. We know a lot about creating social networking plugins and we put all of that knowledge and experience to use to make sure you get to enjoy a solid product with a bright future.

Brought to you by Merav Knafo
Former CEO of

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