Why should you build your own social network?

Generic social networks like Facebook are great. Really. They bring everybody together. And when I say “everybody”, I mean everybody: your grandma, your annoying aunt, your pushy cousin, your attention-seeker friend.

The result is a lot of noise. Do you really want to see what your cousin had for lunch? How many baby pictures can you bear in a day? Who cares that your friend’s neighbour’s kid come fourth in a gymnastics competition. (Well, your friend’s neighbour might but you probably don’t.)

What you want to see are things that matter to you: articles about your hobbies, posts about your favorite companies, videos that hit a spot.

Despite all the filtering and algorithms, less than 5 percent of the content you see on Facebook every day is of any interest to you. You just scroll right past it.

Build your own social network and you — and your members — can be certain that they’re seeing the content that actually means something to them.

Brought to you by Merav Knafo
Former CEO of PeepSo.com

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